What causes the issues with holding tanks?

Since you are reading this you may be experiencing problems with your holding tanks, such as a faulty or mis-reading sensor?  If that is the case, then you have probably already tried some chemicals to solve your problem.  Or, if you are not having any problems but want to prevent or avoid them then hopefully this information may be of use to you.

My name is Marie and I am the owner of this website and the business it represents.  I have been an authorized agent of All Pro Water Flow since 2015 and prior to that I have been a life long RVer.  I am currently a full timer and live in my fifth wheel RV.  I became an agent after having my holding tanks serviced and learned about the problems and how to avoid them.  I thought it would be a great way to help my fellow RVers and to make a living doing what I love!  The information I am giving you is a result of experience and seeing all of the problems RVers have with their holding tanks.

I have not seen it all, but I have seen most of it – from diapers, to little rubber duckies to feminine hygiene products, and more!  The end result is horrible odors and malfunctioning sensors.

Forgetting about the foreign objects introduced into holding tanks, here is how it happens – If you are using good habits in dumping your tank, you are letting it get over one half full and getting lots of water into the tank to take the solids with it when you dump.  You are also using a good RV approved toilet paper that breaks down quickly.  If you are not in a permanent spot, you will also have some water in the tank when you travel so it will slosh and clean off the sensors (DO NOT travel with more than a gallon or two of water in the tank – see CAUTIONS below).  You will rarely have any issues with the black tank.

But….suppose you have children or grandchildren who put wads of paper into the toilet – or you could not find any RV approved paper?  When you dump the tank some of the paper sticks to the sensor area and then dries and over time more paper or other solids sticks to the paper already there?  Eventually the sensor now shows a reading that is not true.

Another scenario – you do not put enough water into the toilet so when you dump all of the solids do not get flushed out.  Over time this creates a situation called ‘the poop pyramid’ and results in offensive odors.  This problem is usually easily solvable if you don’t mind getting messy if you have a motor home and the black tank is right under the toilet, not so easy with a trailer or fifth wheel where the black tank is located away from the toilet.

Just because a sensor is malfunctioning does not  mean a trip to the dealer for repairs.  In most cases a malfunctioning sensor can be solved by cleaning with a high pressure wash.

 I’m sure you noticed that I do not offer online or verbal quotes.  There is a good reason for this – 


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